Meet Vivian "Viv" Sleeth 

If you’ve met Vivian, you know she is a vivacious, spunky, full-of-life 7-year-old who brightens the room anywhere she goes.  This precious girl would move mountains for those she loves and is one of the smartest, toughest little girls around.  She loves with her whole heart and truly makes a difference in peoples’ lives. 

In June of 2022, while on family vacation, the family noticed that Viv was looking at things a little differently.  After her mom’s initial phone call to Viv’s pediatrician sharing her concerns, the whirlwind of doctor’s appointments and testing began, and just 3 days later, on June 9, 2022, she was diagnosed with DMG/DIPG.  

Vivian started radiation on June 20th, receiving a total of 30 rounds over a six-week period, daily treatments Monday through Friday, and finished in August.  This standard of care is the only medical hope doctors give kids, like Vivian, diagnosed with DMG/DIPG.  Her mom is now faced with the challenge of deciding on a trial to enroll Vivian in that will give her the best quantity and quality of life as she fights this terminal cancer diagnosis.  Vivian’s family is currently researching options that might include ONC201 and/or a new trial at Children’s National in Washington, DC.   

Vivian’s mom, Brittany, is a special education teacher and has made the decision to give that up in order to stay home and spend every moment with Viv.  Vivian has a 10-year-old brother, Corbin, who absolutely adores her.

We, at NoahBRAVE, want to help support Vivian and the Sleeth family in their journey with DMG/DIPG.  Please follow her story via Facebook at