Meet Lucy Sieck

Six year old DIPG angel Lucy Ann Sieck made every room she walked into sparkle with her bright smile and captivating joy.  She loved playing basketball and she was known to skip and dance her way across the court during her games.  Lucy was so charming that one goal she made in a basketball playoff game led to an eruption of cheers from the other team’s parents.  

Lucy loved learning and attending school, and she especially excelled at reading.  She even graduated at the top of her Kindergarten class. 

Lucy was diagnosed with DIPG in May of 2020. After completing 10 weeks of radiation, Lucy was enrolled in the ONC201 clinical trial at the University of Michigan, the same trial as Noah. During Lucy’s battle with DIPG, she made a rule with her medical staff that if they came into her room to talk or examine her, they had to show her puppy pictures first; of course they ALL obliged.  They would knock on her door with their phones at the ready with pictures and videos of their puppies, and if they didn’t have a dog of their own to show Lucy, they would borrow pictures of their friends’ dogs! Lucy received her heavenly healing on November 13, 2020, just 3 weeks prior to her 7th birthday.   

In her hometown of Pfafftown, North Carolina, Lucy was known for her love of rainbows.  For an assignment in Kindergarten, Lucy drew a picture of a beautiful rainbow and underneath it she wrote, “I love rainbows. Rainbows give happiness to everyone! It shares peace!”

Basketball, reading, glitter, rainbows, and pure love filled her precious 6 years of life.  Lucy’s impact on the world around her will always be felt and her beautiful life always remembered, especially when a brilliant rainbow breaks through the sky.