Meet Londyn Buss

13 year old 7th grader Londyn Buss was diagnosed with DIPG on May 11, 2021. The middle child of her family, Londyn has an older brother, Gage, and younger brother, Tristyn. They live in Nebraska, but like most kids with DIPG, treatment takes them away from their home hospital. Following Londyn's initial radiation in Omaha (2.5 hours away from home) she was enrolled in an ONC201 trial at a participating hospital. Londyn travels to the University of Michigan, also where Noah received treatment, to meet with Dr. Koschmann and monitor her tumor symptoms.

Londyn has been experiencing some problems related to her tumor lately, namely issues with her eye sight, swallowing, and balance. In April 2022 Londyn had an MRI that showed her tumor stable, with some shrinkage. Please continue to pray for Londyn's healing, and peace and strength for her and her family to keep fighting the DIPG battle.