Meet Kambria Grenfell

Kambria, "Kam", was a normal, fun, and adventurous 9 year old girl who loved gymnastics and running. The oldest of 3 children, Kambria started complaining of dizziness and experiencing gait issues in December 2020; she was diagnosed with DIPG right after Christmas. Kam was on the ONC 201 trial at the University of Michigan, and she fought with such grace and strength for 9 months. With every single symptom that came up, she was determined to not let it get in the way,and she would just find another way. Kambria beat DIPG September on 18, 2021, when Jesus took her home with Him. Her family misses her everyday, but when her mom is having a hard day, she tries to remember the quote she wrote; "Don’t forget that life is tough, but God has you".