Thank you for participating in the 2021 NoahBRAVE 5K!

We are beyond grateful for the amazing support we had for this year’s NoahBRAVE virtual 5K that took place September 17-26, 2021. We had over 730 registered racers and were able to raise over $56,000 between racers and direct donations for our NoahBRAVE Foundation families and funding research for a cure of DMG/DIPG brain tumors.

The funds we raise go directly into the hands of our families who are bravely battling terminal brain cancer diagnoses. We continue to help these families tangibly by providing grocery money, funds for traveling to out of state treatment, meals, electric and water bills, car payments, phone bills, house payments and rent, counseling, as well as helping with clothing and other needs our families have.

We also have committed to helping fund the expansion of the CAR T Cell trial at Stanford for the next 2 years. We partnered with other foundations to create a Nurse Practitioner position that will allow more children access to this trial. This trial is currently one of the more promising trials for treating DMG/DIPG brain tumors.

Thank YOU for participating in this year’s race, honoring Noah’s life, and supporting others in the fight. We stand in awe and amazement of all God provided through your generosity.

Be sure to SAVE THE DATE for next year’s 3rd Annual NoahBRAVE 5K, September 16-18 and 23-25, 2022.